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1:1 Call to Help You Improve Your Thumbnail Strategy.

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Switch and Click

350k Subscribers

Jay helped us understand that thumbnails need branding.

This made a huge difference to our CTR because returning viewers instantly knew it was our video.


The results have been enormous in getting more views and a loyal audience.

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86k Subscribers

Working with Jay is a no brainer.


He's helped me position videos in ways I would have never come up with and the results of our weekly sessions have been instant. 


I feel like I have a secret weapon and I can't recommend him highly enough.  

Film Booth


511k Subscribers

I was having trouble applying the three element rule to my thumbnails.


Jay was incredible at breaking it down in a way that I could apply it to my content.


If you’re looking to improve your CTR,

Jay will lead you in the right direction!


When Works for You?

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